Narendra PP Pic

Narendra Srinivasulu

Country Manager (Nigeria), International Business, TVS Motor Company Limited.

At Atria Institute of Technology, the methodology of teaching and learning was to discuss and debate all the topics. This ignited a lot of thought process about the dynamics of industries. Many such discussions I can remember even today after a decade. It has helped me in adapting to real life situations and problem solving.

Narottam PP Pic

Narotham Maudghal

Sourcing Specialist at Google

“I will call this institution a temple of success. It has helped me in establishing my career with a very nice blend of aptitude and managerial responsibility. I can very sincerely say that AIT has fostered my Vision to enter the industry well prepared. Proud to be an Atrian!”

Kavya Bhat PP Pic

Kavya G

Analyst - Corporate finance at JP Morgan Chase

“When I was pursuing MBA, I had great teachers. They all maintained good relationship with students and helped them in understanding the concept very well. Also, they were always available to clear our doubts even after the college hours. Teachers of MBA department always motivate, encourage and help to get the best out of you.”

Sridhar C PP Pic

Sridhar C

Regional Manager, HDFC BANK - Credit Card Operations (2005-07)

“I would proudly say that- by studying at Atria institute of Technology, I got a good boost both in personal and professional life. Atria helped me in overcoming my stage fear and gave much ample opportunities to exhibit my talent.”

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Lavanya B Ningaraj

Tax Manager, Ernst & Young LLP (2010-12)

“Atria Institute of Technology is one of the best institute for overall growth of any person. The dedication, support and motivation of each of the lecturer is remarkable and enables students like myself to achieve their dreams! As being a science student making a choice of Finance specialization were quite  challenging. But with the utmost support of my professors and colleagues at AIT, I was able to overcome all the difficulties. Today I have made my career through one of the big four accounting firms. ”

Vinod Muttalagiri PP Pic

Vinod Shamsundar Muttalgeri

Area Sales Manager, Carlsberg India Pvt Ltd (2005-07)

“Atria has helped me in overall development of my personality through Assignments, PPT presentations and Fest participations. Assignments truly helped a lot as we had to put in our efforts to collate data and present it in proper manner. Presentation is most important part of corporate life and has helped a lot to move up the ladder of career. Fest helped in understanding the spirit to compete to be successful. ”